The ambassador

Message from The Ambassador
Dear Syrian Expatriates in China,

       And friends from all over the world

Let me start by expressing to you my warmest personal greetings. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to represent my country in China C a country that has dazzled the world throughout its history by its culture, civilization, literature, art and history. Moreover, China continues to surprise the world with its ongoing development, miraculous economic performance, achievements in science and technology, and most importantly, its complete eradication of poverty.

Fortunately, relations between Syria and China have reached an unprecedented highpoint in the history of bilateral Sino-Syrian relations. Cooperation between China and Syria covers the whole spectrum of international relations, diplomacy, economy, trade, health, education, culture, security and people-to-people diplomacy.

The leaders of our two nations, Bashar al-Assad and Xi Jinping, have repeatedly communicated with each other to highlight these special relations and further consolidate the strong friendship that binds the two countries and two nations together. I firmly believe that the future holds bright prospects for our relations and will witness more and more strengthening of our ties, cooperation and partnership.

With my heartfelt wishes to all of you,,,

Imad Moustapha, PhD.